Tracy Anderson for Men


If you’re into fitness, you’ve probably heard of fitness/wellness guru Tracy Anderson. Tracy burst onto the scene several yeas ago with the introduction of the Tracy Anderson Method, which is focused primarily on regaining balance, both physically and mentally for a holistic fitness experience. Soon, Tracy was counting Madonna, Courtney Cox, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez among her rapidly growing stable of high powered clients, and 10 years, 5 studios, several best sellers, and countless exercise videos later, Tracy Anderson is back with the Tracy Anderson Method for Men.


Tracy Anderson for Men differs from most exercise programs designed for men, because it focuses on smaller muscle groups that are typically overlooked by men seeking to bulk up. The balloon animal look that many seem to be in search of is the result of working large muscle groups, while ignoring the vast and complex system of secondary muscles that link them all together. While most programs for men work approximately 200 muscles, the Tracy Anderson method for men works 400.


By training all of the muscle groups to work together, the method promotes balanced fitness, muscle growth, and flexibility, reduces stress, and facilitates an unimpeded flow of information between the body and the brain. According to a recent press release, Tracy Anderson for Men “is an anti-aging functional training exercise program that re-engineers the muscles to work together and connect to the brain. This results in neuroplasticity—new connections that form in the brain-—which make the brain stronger and younger.” What’s not to like?  Find a studio near you.




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