Soul Cycle

soul cycle 1

Spin classes have been around for years now, but many of us have probably never had the audacity to join one. Stationary bikes? Indoors? The poor saps that we see peddling aimlessly and staring out of gym windows across the city would seem to be more than enough reason to stay away from bikes that don’t really move. But, I didn’t let that stop me from getting a membership at my friendly neighborhood Soul Cycle, and after just 2 weeks I can honestly say: I’ve seen the light.

At Soul Cycle you don’t just sit down dejectedly in a poorly-lit room and pedal like a hamster until your time is up. The folks at Soul Cycle have developed an array of methods to keep you engaged and inspired for the whole work out; and as the name implies, the super-caring folks at Soul Cycle are also concerned about your inner well-being. Elements of meditation, and dance are used extensively, and instead of staring at a tv during your workout, you share your workout with the community, in a fun environment.

Soul Cycle proves that you can bike indoors and still have a destination.



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